Manuscript Flow in Advances in Crop Science and Technology Journal


Advances in Crop Science and Technology Journal aims to publish most complete and reliable source of information in the mode of original articles, review articles, case reports, short communications, Mini reviews, etc.

Editorial or manuscript flow determines the overall process which each manuscript undergoes during the peer review process. The entire process of editorial workflow is maintained through online or electronic system. Editor is responsible for providing the decision based on the comments and their relevance and suitability with the manuscript. In such circumstances Editors decision is final, reviewers or authors are not entitled to raise any question after the final decision. A fast track review process will be followed to complete all these process within a tightly bound time limit.

Any submitted article at the initial stage is assessed for the suitability of the subject of the article within the scope of the journal and the compliance of the article for specific article type mentioned by the author. Along with this basic grammatical check is performed. After such evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief the following by which rigorous plagiarism checking is performed for each submission.

If the submitted article passes through plagiarism check it will assigned manuscript number. If any article found plagiarized, that will be summarily rejected in this stage of processing.
Once the manuscript number is assigned, Editor-in-Chief will invite the Editor(s) based on the suitability of their expertise with the submitted manuscript. In such Editor selection step conflict of interest of the assigned Editor is strictly investigated.

After assignment of the Editor for a manuscript having manuscript number stipulated time will be provided to the assigned Editor to take up the assignment else the assignment will be passed other Editorial Board member bearing the relevant expertise.

The assigned Editor will appoint the potential review and monitor the review process further. To be accepted any manuscript is required to have positive comments from the reviewers. Assigned reviewers are responsible to scrutinize a manuscript technically and check the organization of the manuscript properly depending on the article type. Reviewer’s comments should be brief to the point and clearly understandable by the Editors and Authors. The assigned Editor will be notified for further decision on the article as the required reviews are completed.

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