A Sense organ that is important than anything else


The journal of eye and cataract surgery, as an editor in chief, it has been immense pleasure working with this journal. We are pleased to announce that it has been 04 years since the journal has started. This journal continues to stand in the first line with the precious support of all the authors.

It’s undeniable in saying that eye is the sense organ which lets anyone to see the world. Similarly, isn’t the journal of eye and cataract surgery which propels any one to find valuable contributions in the field of ophthalmology Having wide range of platforms to submit their research work is really a great opportunity and we anticipate that all the authors utilise this chance to the best of their level. This journal is determined to maintain noble standards with the support of high profile editorial board members as well the reviewers. The open access journal is published by OMICS International who hosts around 350 open access peer-reviewed journals as well as organizes more than 100 International scientific Conferences every year across the globe.

The academic profiles of our editors and reviewers are very strong which eventually led to the renownedness of the journal. Various conferences in the field of ophthalmology have been conducted where we have got overwhelming response. As an editor, I am highly admired and unstoppable thinking about the familiarity of the journal. With the excellent response from a large number of people at the conferences held, we took a step forward to thank all the delegates and authors.  Despite, the ophthalmology is narrow stream, this journal is given a great significance as it deals with the vital organ eye. This is a warm welcome for all the authors, where they can utilise this journal to showcase their work.



Rosy Valentina

Journal of eye and cataract surgery